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How Does Energy Medicine Work? Energy medicine is known to have been used in many of the world’s cultures. Spiritual healers in this countries use some form of energy for treating ailments and disorders, and they have been successful in this practice. Some have called it the healing touch. Different countries of the world have used energy medicine is one form or another. In the world today, there are a lot of health hazards that we are exposed to. This exposure has led many people to become sick which has increased the demand for medicines too. Pharmaceutical companies are now finding ways to be able to solve this problem by means of formulating new drugs and medicines. It is surprising that energy medicine is not being sought after in solving these health issues. Although it has existed and been used for many centuries now, somehow, the modern culture has not seen its importance. The basic belief in energy medicine is that there is a force within our bodies that, when hindered, causes health problems and common ailments. If you want your body to be healthy there should be no disturbance of the forces which they called energy waves, and these waves should be able to flow freely or naturally in its frequency. If something blocks the energy waves and the wave frequencies are altered then the body becomes ill.
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If we eat food that contain toxins, and breathe air in a polluted environment, and anything else that harms the body, then all these hinder the natural flow of energy in our bodies. This then leads to sickness and different medical conditions. IN this situation, energy medicine can be used to bring back the flow of energy waves to its natural flow.
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In some forms of energy medicine, there is a person who gathers energy from the universe and lets it flow to the sick person. A channel is the person who gathers the universal energy to transfer to the person who is down with sickness. With the interaction between the channel and the patient, energy is transferred and is beneficial to both of them. Depending on the culture and civilization, forms and structures of energy medicine differ. Most Asian countries still count energy medicine as their main way of curing diseases even if there are already modern medicines available for use. American Indians also practice energy medicine through spirit guides. They believe that spirits can cure ailments through its energy. This is one kind of spirituality that you can see in many countries in the world. This energy medicine has become popular because they are the types that do not enter the body like drugs and substances do. This makes it an all-natural treatment. There are many people now who are trying this kind of healing practice.

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